AmeraLabs April Newsletter 2024

Dear 3D Printing Enthusiast,

Welcome to the April edition of the AmeraLabs newsletter! This month, we're thrilled to introduce the updated AmeraLabs Town 3D Resin Printer Calibration Part Guide, designed to optimize your printing process. Join us in supporting our partners at Archvillain Games as they launch their death-themed Kickstarter campaign, where you can snag a free STL file. Plus, catch us at the Salute 51 Expo in London for a glimpse of our latest innovations. Stay tuned for exciting updates from AmeraLabs!


AmeraLabs Town Calibration Part Guide Update!

Introducing the revamped AmeraLabs Town Guide! Originally launched in 2017, AmeraLabs Town aimed to combine practical calibration with visual appeal. Now, after years of evolution and feedback, we're thrilled to present an updated guide.

Discover how AmeraLabs Town can elevate your 3D printing experience with its comprehensive toolkit for achieving top-notch print quality and precision. Let's explore together!

Chilling Kickstarter Campaign and a free STL file

Embark on a journey into the dark realms of Erevan’s Guide to Death and Beyond, proudly presented by our esteemed partners, Archvillain Games. Delve into the ultimate companion for D&D 5E adventurers facing the inevitability of death.

Explore the sinister Death Valley, confront terrifying Megabosses, and master innovative mechanics in Profane Lairs. Unleash the power of dark subclasses, craft unique items, and embrace the darkness within.

Sign up for the Archvillain Games newsletter and claim your free Bodak STL file* to enhance your tabletop experience. Dare to defy death - back Erevan’s Guide today!

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AmeraLabs at Salute 51!

AmeraLabs and Neill’s Materials at Salute Expo

We had a blast at Salute 51 2024! We had the pleasure of meeting many passionate tabletop gaming enthusiasts, wargamers, and miniature hobbyists. Our crew showcased our premium 3D printing resins, demonstrating their vibrant colors, versatile formulations, and exceptional physical properties.

Engaging with attendees, answering questions, and witnessing the excitement as they experienced firsthand how AmeraLabs resins can enhance their gaming adventures was fantastic. Until our next adventure, fair winds and following seas! ⚔️

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Happy printing, 
Andrius and the AmeraLabs Team 👋✨