💀 Unleash Boundless Malevolence with TGM-7 Batch #666 💀

Lords and ladies of darkness, tabletop fiends one and all,

Lend us your ears! The time has come to summon forth a creation so sinister, so malevolent, that it will shake the very foundations of the realms you conquer.

Deep within the hellish forges where only the bravest (or most foolish) dare to tread, a Master of Shadows has been hard at work. Amidst the crackling flames and the anguished whispers of the damned, he has crafted a resin unlike any other: TGM-7 Batch #666 - a limited, numbered edition born from the darkest depths of despair.

This resin is no mere tool for creating tabletop miniatures. It is a gateway to unleashing your most diabolical designs, a canvas upon which your twisted visions of ultimate villainy will take form with unparalleled detail and durability. Each miniature printed with TGM-7 Batch #666 will radiate an aura of dread, striking fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned adventurers.

But the true masterstroke lies in the exclusive extras that accompany this accursed batch:

💀 The Voragheel Lich Dragon: the fearsome dragon 🐲, the undead monstrosity 😈 whose very presence is enough to turn the bravest heroes to ash. This unique STL file and accompanying Monster Sheet PDF for 5e adventures will be your ultimate weapon against those foolish enough to oppose your reign.

💀 Limited Edition Numbering: Every bottle of TGM-7 Batch #666 bears the batch number, ensuring your place among the ranks of the truly wicked.

💀 Exclusive Artwork: A label featuring the terrifying Voragheel Lich Dragon, adorning each bottle with the sigil of our dark partnership, Archvillain Games.

Join us, fellow lords and ladies of darkness, as we harness the power of TGM-7 Batch #666 to bring our most horrifying villainous creations to life. With Archvillain Games as our accomplice, none shall stand against the tide of terror we unleash upon the realms.

The time has come to embrace your true, malevolent nature. Let the evil laughter echo through the shadows, for a new age of villainy is upon us! 😈

Unholy regards,

AmeraLabs Team